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I've tried like anything to avoid wading into Jeff Schapiro's copy recently. There's just so much snark a man can take. But this piece, co-authored with Michael Hardy, is just too much...especially because this bit is just flat-out wrong:

The House is resisting higher taxes, favoring a short-term remedy for transportation that relies on a hunk of the $1.4 billion surplus, new bonds and cuts in other programs.

The Senate favors a long-range solution to transportation funding, setting aside revenues from new fuel and motor vehicle taxes for roads, rail, harbors and airports.

Because the House does not want to raise taxes, it's solution is "short-term." The Senate's plan, because it includes tax hikes (including higher wholesale gasoline taxes) is "long-range." Oh, and it addresses everything you can imagine related to transportation this side of a spaceport.


Both plans look to keep the current, byzantine highway system chugging along well into the future. They take different paths to get there, to be sure. But the ends are largely the same.

To say otherwise in print is not only wrong, but inexcusable. The TD's reporters would be wise to save their editorializing for the Sunday commentary section. It has -- or at least ought to have -- no place in the "news."

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