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Thursday, April 20, 2006 :::

One Less Arrow in the Quiver

Or so it would seem from the press release issued by Speaker Howell's office today. The Kaine administration had been warning that unless there was a budget in place no later than June 1, federal highway monies might stop flowing, and the transportation "crisis" would grow even larger. Not so:

While this latest round of orchestrated diversions remains an unsettling reminder of the tactics our new Governor is willing to employ, his Administration was forced today to stop perpetuating a myth regarding federal funding. All Virginians should be relieved by VDOT Commissioner Whirley'?s admission that no concern is warranted that Virginia might be in jeopardy of leaving federal funding on the table. That fact corresponds with separate assurances I received this week from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

Somewhere, Tommy Norment is preparing the mother of all snits.

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