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Tuesday, April 04, 2006 :::

More on the House Proposal

Again from the NV Daily, comes more information on the House proposal to advance an interim budget, with a pot of money set aside for transportation. The legislative comments are very instructive. First from Joe May:

"I think [separating transportation from the budget] is an eminently reasonable approach to the problem," he said. Essentially, delegates have said "'Here's an intermediate budget, one that will perfectly well work until everyone decides what we want to do about transportation.'"


"We're in pretty good agreement on almost everything but transportation," he said. "If we're pretty close on the rest of them, it would allow local governments to go ahead and make the decisions that they have to make."

So it actually does look like the House is trying to flush the Senate out from behind the skirts of local governments and their budget needs. That's very, very shrewd. Of course, some in the Senate are less than impressed. Or at least Russ Potts is unimpressed. That should be taken as a compliment.

And We get a glimpse of anger from May regarding a remark from Potts -- who says the House plan will rob millions from education:

May bristled at the charge.

"That's just not true," he said. "In all three of the plans, [House, Senate and governor] "all have increased funding for all those areas."

"It's just that the House isn't quite as generous as the Senate version," May said. "The governor's is pretty close. It's not a matter that we're taking money out, it's just that we're not putting as much additional in."

Ah, Pottsie -- playing the old "if you don't give me as much as I want' it's a cut" game. This sort of thinking is usually the comfortable province of Democrats and their interest group allies. Well, at least ol' Russ has made his allegiances clear...again. And it should make the upcoming radio duel between Phil Hamilton and Potts (which J.R. points out here) all the more interesting.

The House seems to be maintaining its advantage in all this.

And as a side note...what were Potts and Quayle doing at the NCAA Tournament in Indianapolis? Shouldn't they be in Virginia, attending to the people's business? Oh, the shame!

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