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Friday, April 28, 2006 :::

More Fun and Games in Chesterfield

An amusing item on the local news last night about Chesterfield county's 15,000 membership in Willow Oaks Country Club:

Chesterfield officials see their new economic development director's club membership is an important investment as business deals are often made at meetings on the golf course. They say $15,000 is a sound investment when compared with $3 million in sales tax revenue that can come from one of these deals.

There's an argument to be made here that, yes, a country club membership might actually be somewhat useful in helping lure new development to a locality. But what makes this extra fun is that Willow Oaks isn't even in the county. Why Willow Oaks?:

Don Kappel says, “If you come from out of the area you come to Richmond's airport, you perhaps stay in a hotel in Richmond, for us to compete again with the other localities we need to be in Richmond at this particular club where people meet, they're on the golf course."

Even my seven year-old can come up with better excuses than that.

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