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Monday, April 10, 2006 :::

LTG Conference Call (Update 2)

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling spent some time on the phone tonight with a number of Virginina bloggers, giving us both a thumbnail of his priorities and taking a wide variety of questions from the assembled crew.

And the observations are beginning to pour in from:

Elephant Ears

Too Conservative


Nova Townhall

And there will be more to come in the morning.

Overall, it went very well. Bolling, like McDonnell and Tim Kaine, is comfortable with the medium, and indicated that he wants to make such gatherings a regular event.

That's good for all concerned -- particularly for someone like Bolling, who has a set of conservative beliefs that the Virginia press, by and large, holds in contempt.

My thanks again to all who took part, and particularly to Mr. Bolling for sharing his time, and to Randy Marcus, who can relax now.

More Commetary on the Call

Additional posts from bloggers on last night's call are appearing this morning, including:

CatHouse Chat

Virginia Virtucon

Spank That Donkey

From On High

The perspectives offered in each of these posts make each one worth reading. From economic development to immigration, taxes, the budget, education, energy and political strategy and even a smattering of transportation policy, it's all a link or two away. I'll post more as they appear.

One More

Thoughts from Jim Bacon at Bacon's Rebellion

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