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Monday, April 17, 2006 :::

The Loss of Will

George Will has formally, and scathingly, turned his back on the congressional GOP over the matter of free speech and the regulation of 527 organizations:

If in November Republicans lose control of the House of Representatives, April 5 should be remembered as the day they demonstrated that they earned defeat. Traducing the Constitution and disgracing conservatism, they used their power for their only remaining purpose -- to cling to power. Their vote to restrict freedom of speech came just as the GOP's conservative base is coming to the conclusion that House Republicans are not worth working for in October or venturing out to vote for in November.


This was among the more cynical votes House Republicans have cast in recent months (and that's no mean feat after the pork-laden highway bill). It's sole aim was to further insulate themselves from dissent -- the sort that would tend to separate them from their hold on power. And that is troubling. Of course they will never say that openly. No -- instead, these new regulations are, in Rep. Candice Miller's words, a means to rid our political discourse of "nauseating ugliness, negativity and hyperpartisanship."

Better the gentle congresswoman buy a bottle of Pepto and keep it close during election season than gut the First Amendment.

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