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Tuesday, April 18, 2006 :::

Flooding the Zone

Michael Shear reports that the Governor's PAC will attempt to "...flood the state capitol with supporters Wednesday in the hopes of convincing lawmakers in the House of Delegates to support higher taxes for transportation."

Being that this flood will occur on a work day, I can only imagine the sort of crowd who will attend. Most likely those who either a) have nothing better to do; or b) those with a vested interest in seeing taxes raised.

But of far more interest was this:

Tuesday morning, Kaine and his chief ally in the state Senate, Finance Chairman John H. Chichester (R-Northumberland), headlined a closed-door fundraiser for the Foundation for Virginia, a collection of lobbyists, business executives and interest groups likely to participate in the lobby day.

About 100 people gathered for breakfast at 10 tables in a conference room at Richmond's Omni Hotel for the fundraiser. Foundation officials asked a reporter to leave the event shortly after Chichester began speaking.

Okay, so the answer is "b" -- those who have a vested interested in a tax increase.

But before the assembled crowds go buzzing from office to office in support of higher taxes, I suggest this bit of insight from the late, great SST:

Now here's a dirty little secret: If they're not from the district, we simply do not care. Emails will be deleted, letters trashed, phone calls get a quick nod and then "Have a good day." Personal visits get a slightly different response, but certainly constituents come first.

And overall, it seems as though a lot of constituents -- real constituents, the ones who are at work today rather than parading through the halls -- have greater concerns than the success or failure of the Kaine/Chichester tax hike plan.

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