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Wednesday, April 05, 2006 :::

Budget Grows, Taxes Rise...But is it really a Cut?

Residents in Goochland will be presented with a nice property tax increase, thanks to their Board of Supervisors. The rate will go up 5 cents per hundred dollars of assessed value. Of course, it's all for the...parks?

The supervisors voted later to raise the proposed tax increase to 5 cents, setting aside a penny for the future purchase of park land or development rights.

Board Chairman James W. Eads said setting aside the money now to acquire land for the future in the face of soaring land values is essential for the county's future well-being.

"It's not that there's something on the horizon," said Eads. "This is a set-aside and will be there for years to come."

If that money is actually there in say, five years, it will be a miracle. But then there's this:

If the county had funded all of the $49 million in department requests, the tax rate would have had to increase by 13 cents, according to Wolfrey.

So the budget is rising, and taxes are, too, but not as much as the county's departments requested. According to Virginia Senate math, that's an unconscionable cut in core services. To the barricades!

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