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Wednesday, April 12, 2006 :::

Bolling and Houck on the Stalemate

The TD's op-ed page is the site of dueling perspectives on the legislature's budget follies.

In this corner, we have LTG Bill Bolling, who says of a proposed House compromise:

Reaching an agreement on these areas of the budget is both possible and appropriate. By doing so significant additional resources for transportation will be guaranteed and other important areas of the budget can be finalized. While debate could continue over the tax increase proposals advanced by the Governor and the Senate, the remainder of the budget would not be held hostage by this debate.

Bolling's sense is that this position is gaining traction not only in the House, but among some Senators as well. But not all, of course.

In the other corner, we have Sen. Edd Houck, who believes the House proposal is just a dodge:

The harsh reality is that the House plan, whether today or six months from now, falls short on every count when compared with the Senate's plan. A long-range, sustainable transportation funding program is essential for our economic well-being, as well as to protect our time with family -- not sitting in traffic gridlock.

" protect our time with family." I've often called Senators nabobs. I see that is wrong.

They are, or wish to be, our nannies.

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