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Thursday, April 13, 2006 :::

"...hellbent on closing down the government..."

The budget two-step is beginning to look more like a mosh pit. In this NV Daily piece, we get to see a few elbows fly. One of the more entertaining jabs comes from Vince Callahan:

“I am absolutely appalled by the cavalier attitude that the little Napoleons [in the Senate] are foisting on the commonwealth of Virginia,” said Del. Vince Callahan, R-McLean, chairman of the House Appropriations committee at the GOP press conference. “They seem hellbent on closing down the government, and I find that disgraceful.”

Yes, it is and yes, they are. The threat of a shutdown is the only leverage the Senate has.

Remind me again who the obstructionists are in all of this?

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