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Friday, April 21, 2006 :::

Auntie Mame

In the email box comes a note from Steve Sisson's old friend Mame Reiley on behalf of Mark Warner's "Forward Together PAC. It seems as though the former governor is spending a great deal of time touting candidates in Ohio (which is not entirely surprising considering its pivotal role in 2004's presidential race and the current slow, downward spiral of the state GOP). What's on Mame's mind? Money, of course. But this isn't entirely a fundraising appeal. Rather, it's a very shrewd donor cultivation piece. Here's a sample:

Last week Governor Warner discussed the importance of this year's elections in the "2006: A Critical Year Video" and asked you, as supporters of the Forward Together PAC, what you are doing to help Democrats win.

Hundreds of you from all walks of life and all parts of the country responded. We've included some of the answers below and posted many more on the Forward Together blog.

Oh yes, there's a blog. It's slick, except for the rather ghostly, if not outright creepy image of Mark Warner that appears on screen to give a short introduction. There are a series of testimonials, snippets of from other blogs and a very extensive blogroll.

I have to hand it to Warner: he's established the sort of fundraising tools and interactive media that are essential for a modern campaign. And unlike so many Republican email blasts and websites, Warner's efforts build upon one another -- a concept that is obvious to a lot of marketers, but still largely unknown, or poorly executed, in most political circles.

Warner very likely will not be the Democratic nominee in 2008. But he is doing a lot of things right in the early going that will allow him, if nothing else, to make a genuine race of it.

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