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Tuesday, April 18, 2006 :::

And He Never Mentions Potts Once

Curious to know whatever happened to ace Russ Potts adman Bill Hillsman, I went looking for the website of one of his other, long-shot gubernatorial candidate clients: Kinky Friedman.

Friedman wants to run for governor of Texas, but first he has to get on the ballot. And, due to the intentional complexity of ballot access law, it's going to be a tough slog for the "Kinkster." But showing the sort of creativity that was positively lacking with Potts, Hillsman is able to make some sense of it all, and has a fun time doing it.

But there a lot more to this site that makes me wonder what Hillsman would have been able to accomplish in Virginia if he had a different (non-bonkers) candidate and more money. Action figures? T-shirts? Bumper stickers? Salsa?

Good Lord, there's even a campaign blog.

In other words, just about every nonpolitical, unconventional thing you can imagine is here. What did ol' Pottsie have? Crashing cookware...and a slight Charles Foster Kane complex.

And if you'll notice, there's nary a mention of the Potts Debacle on Hillsman's Northwoods site. But there is a rather interesting, interactive banner.

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