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Wednesday, April 19, 2006 :::

Allen Still Leads Challengers

Via Scott Rasmussen, new polling results on the Allen v. Challenger To Be Decided:

Allen now leads businessman Harris Miller (D) 51% to 34%. He also leads former Navy secretary James Webb 50% to 30%.

A month ago, Allen led Harris 56% to 27% and Webb 54% to 30%.Neither challenger has come within single digits thus far in the campaign, but Allen's fortunes have bobbed a bit.

So not everything is peaches and cream for Allen, and this will be a tough race no matter who the opponent is. But I found the poll's other results very interesting:

Fifty-six percent (56%) of Virginia voters believe that tax increases hurt the economy. Just 22% believe they are good for the economy.

Forty-six percent (46%) say filling out tax paperwork is worse than going to the dentist. Forty percent (40%) hold the opposite view.

Sixty-five percent (65%) believe that the U.S. should control its borders and enforce existing laws before additional immigration reform is considered. This is similar to the national average.

Forty-nine percent (49%) believe that our nation's policy goal should be to welcome everyone except national security threats, criminals, and those who intend to live off our welfare system. That is slightly below the national average.

Of course, some of these results will reflect people who struggled to get their tax forms completed -- and in some cases, wrote a nice check to go along with it. But the numbers do seem to undermine, at least a little, the belief that even in a "low tax state," folks might be willing to pay even more to get out of a traffic jam.

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