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Wednesday, March 29, 2006 :::

What Else Chichester Said

Following up the post below, here's how Sen. Chichester described the Senate's actions:

The motion that I make today is in the interest of expediting our work and providing a quick budget resolution to assist those school divisions that are trying to issue continuing contracts and those local governments that are preparing their own new budgets.

I would like to take up House Bill 5001 and to offer a Senate substitute that encompasses the last three months of the current fiscal year, along with the next two-year budget. There really is no reason to drag out the process and act sequentially on the two budgets. Since only three months remain in the current year, and fewer than three months will remain when the budget is enacted, we recommend that we adopt a single budget bill as allowed by Article X, Section 7 of the Constitution, in order to move the process along to speedy resolution.

With that, we invite our House colleagues back to town to finish the people's business.

Having been outmaneuvered by the House yesterday, the Senate withdrew into a series of caucuses today to come up with a new, smaller tax hike proposal.

Well, they are moving...but still stuck on "hike." I wonder if the Governor will start robo-calling Senators now, too?

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