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Saturday, March 04, 2006 :::

Weekend at TJ's

The first Sorensen class wrapped up this afternoon, and despite my fatigue (hotel room beds and I just do not get along), I arrived back in River City without a scratch, physical or psychic.

While a double secret blood oath prevents me from disclosing the particulars (such as they were...but it is now crystal clear to me why John Hager -- a decent man -- did not beat Mark Early in 2001), suffice it to say that the public rooms in Larry Sabato's home are as tasteful as can be and that the Jefferson Cult is alive and growing in C'ville.

Though the person(s) who painted the trim in the public rooms of the Professor's home couldn't hold a straight line if his/her/their life depended on it.

And Conaway Haskins is one of the most dapper bloggers I've met so far, with a deep, rich laugh that's positively infectious.

Certainly, the other folks in the class are an eclectic, entertaining, deeply involved bunch. Over time, I suspect that the greatest value of the program will come not as much from the speakers as it will from the participants. And the ones I met are rare gems, indeed.

Contrary to the Dead Pool Will has established, I think I'll stick this out. After all, I paid the tuition -- and by God I'll be wheeled in on a gurney with a priest mumbling the rites at my side before I eat that chunk of change.

Plus, the next meeting, in Petersburg, will feature some really cool stuff beforehand. Guns and smashing cars and stuff. I may have to fudge more deadlines at work to take part in those.

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