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Tuesday, March 28, 2006 :::

Squabbling Toward the Exit

Much of the information here regarding the GA's sniping is not news. But there is one item that is appearing more and more as the likely exit option:

[Sen.] Williams said the standoff could end with "some new ideas that change the dynamics on both sides."

This, he said, might include the Senate retreating on additional fuel taxes, advancing new formulas for distributing highway dollars or pushing for regional authorities that would free Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads to come up with their own solutions to gridlock.

Regional taxing's not the first time this has been mentioned, nor will it be the last. If anything, such authorities, while they will greatly displease some, seem to be gaining some degree of favor in various quarters.

And properly structured -- which would include holding referendums on any proposed taxes -- they just might work. One of the great failings of the 2002 referendums was the lack of specifics. If a regional authority proposed, say, an additional gas tax in NoVa, and the revenue generated would stay in NoVa to build specific projects in the region, voters might just be willing to approve the idea.

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