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Wednesday, March 22, 2006 :::

Sex, Lies and the Junior League

For those who believe emotions are running high on the eve of the upcoming special legislative session, take a look at where the real fight in Richmond is happening...the Junior League:

Some members of the Junior League of Richmond describe a climate of conspiracy and conjecture so chilling that recent meetings have concluded with blood-red faces, streaming tears, name-calling and middle-of-the night phone calls rife with expletives. “I’ve never seen women so ugly,” says a league member of recent meetings. Picture the scene from the movie “Something to Talk About,” wherein Julia Roberts’ character incites chaos during a women’s club meeting by airing the secret lives of fellow members.Despite protestations to the contrary, it appears that rumors and exaggerations are at the heart of the discord troubling the league, and they cover such taboo areas as sex, drugs and family money. The whole thing’s left husbands reportedly quipping that if this is the Junior League, then it’s much more exciting than they imagined.

And all the GA could muster this year was Jack Reid's accidental discharge.

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