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Tuesday, March 28, 2006 :::

School Board Follies

In Richmond, the Board's budget was rejected via email.


Meanwhile, in Henrico, the School Board appears to have a few problems of its own. I thought this comment from Board member Stuart Myers was particularly interesting:

Myers said it's "repugnant" that the school system is being accused of withholding documents.

"The School Board is not interested in keeping legitimate documentation out of the hands of the public," Myers said.

That will come as a genuine surprise to many parents in my part of the district -- where the board and school administrators have been as tight-lipped and evasive as humanly possible regarding renovations to Tuckahoe Elementary School.

Questions from parents regarding basic items such as what will actually be done, when it will start, who will do the work and why there has been a multi-year delay that, thanks to inflation and other costs, has substantially eroded the buying power of the construction bonds.

Repugnant behavior, Mr. Myers? Keeping legitimate documentation out of the public's hands? The Henrico School Board is a past master at both.

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