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Sunday, March 05, 2006 :::

Rock Throwing

Bob Gibson takes a look at the prospects for an extended session in his Sunday column as well. He sees the House position ultimately as a lost cause, largely because the NoVans in the House Republican Caucus will run, not walk, toward the light of "compromise."

He also believes the LeBlanc affair could end up stinging the GOP as well.

Like others, I simply cannot get worked up all that much about LeBlanc. Kaine wants him? Fine. Bruise him along the way if you must, but give him the nod and refocus on the tax battle.

As for the shape of that field, J.R. at the 'Drift has an invaluable account of a townhall meeting the various worthies from Hampton Roads held on transportation. The usualy suspects were there, but for once so, too, were those who really don't believe the state needs to pick taxpayers' pockets to address the issue.

It is entirely possible that a compromise will be reached and that its contents will satisfy no one. Could there be tax hikes of some sort? Possibly. Much more likely are tolls, I suspect. And the possibility that localities may be given the authority to raise their own taxes to pay for certain road projects. Compromises such as these would shift the burden more toward a "user pays" model, which certainly would not please the free riders in our midst.

I'll wager Bob this: the session ends on time, but only just. And no one will be happy with the results.

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