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Friday, March 31, 2006 :::

Rediscovering George Mason

One of the best things to come out of GMU's Final Four appearance is the rediscovery of George Mason, one the greatest, if least well-known, early Virginia statesmen.

Here, you can read Mason's objections to the Constitution. Many of them are still relevant. His refusal to sign the Constitution ended his long friendship with George Washington. But even so great a rupture could not shake his beliefs:

You know the friendship which has long existed (indeed from our early youth) between General Washington and myself. I believe there are few men in whom he placed greater confidence; but it is possible my opposition to the new government, both as a member of the national and of the Virginia Convention, may have altered the case. In this important trust, I am truly conscious of having acted from the purest motives of honesty, and love to my country, according to that measure of judgement which God has bestowed on me, and I would not forfeit the approbation of my own mind for the approbation of any man, or all the men upon earth.

Wise words.

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