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Tuesday, March 28, 2006 :::


J.R.s' podcast with Bob McDonnell is worth a listen, particularly for his views on the state of the Virginia GOP (and as a side note, J.R.'s future as a broad/podcaster is getting brighter with each passing interview).

With this podcast, the live-blogging McDonnell did earlier at CC, his steady flow of press releases and his future radio broadcasts across the state, McDonnell is doing just about everything possible to raise the AG office's profile, and his own as well.

Which is very interesting if we look down the electoral road a' piece.

LTG Bill Bolling has yet to make the same forays into online media -- though that will probably change very soon. Bolling still has his email newsletter, which is widely circulated and often reprinted online. But he can and ought to do more -- if for no other reason than his most likely competitor for the 2009 gubernatorial nomination is already making huge messaging strides.

And then there's Jim Gilmore. But that's a post for another time.

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