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Thursday, March 02, 2006 :::

Parsing Promises

The WaPo's Michael Shear goes where linguists fear to tread in order to determine whether Tim Kaine broke some sort of no new taxes pledge.

From the examples Shear serves up, it is quite apparent Kaine backed away from his promise. And he did it within a week of taking office. Was is a road to Damascus moment that changed his mind? Or did he always intend to do what he has done.

Well, remember this?

"I will not be party to a deception. I will not go to the people and say, 'Gosh, gosh, it would be nice to have more revenue for transportation' when I know we've got a legislature that has shown a propensity to yank the money out for something else," he added. "If money can be taken out of the trust fund, I'm not going to ask people for more money. It's just wrong."

Seems quite strong. And what about this?

To those hoping for a tax increase, that made Kaine sound positively open to the idea. But Kaine was quick to throw cold water on tax increases during the final televised debate, in October.

"He's going to raise your taxes if he's elected governor," Kilgore told the TV audience.

"There you go again, Jerry," Kaine responded, "making stuff up. You're not fit to be governor if you make stuff up on this stage."

Kilgore was right. I think Kaine owes him an apology.

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