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Wednesday, March 22, 2006 :::

Mr. Roboto

The Kaine campaign-in-a-can for higher taxes has been unleashed:

His political-action committee, Moving Virginia Forward, yesterday started using automated phone banks and placed radio commercials to try to break the House of Delegates' resistance to a tax-fattened remedy for roads and transit.

The word choice here is delicious -- "tax-fattened remedy" almost sounds like a recipe for fois gras.

Americans for Prosperity is fighting back, both on the air and on the ground, so at least the pro-tax effort will be challenged on many of the same fronts. Interesting that Katherine Waddell is a target for both sides.

Interesting, too, are the different strands emerging this time in the narrative. In 2004, it was the bond rating, teachers, police, fire fighters, and a government shutdown looming unless the House saw the light. Now, it seems as though there's some push back from other quarters, and it's directed at the Senate:

Another potential casualty: tax relief for Virginians who pledge not to develop open land.

Howell yesterday joined GOP delegates and environmental lobbyists to demand that the Senate support more generous credits for land preservation.

Howell complained that the Senate budget would cap conservation tax credits at $35 million a year -- less than half the current level of $73 million.

"It makes absolutely no sense to me [that] the Senate will hinder Virginia's environmental program," said Howell, questioning the legality of the Senate's decision to weave tax relief into its draft of the budget.

This alliance is fascinating. I saw the press release from the Piedmont Environmental Council that stripped the bark off the Senate tree over this program. And Howell joined in the fun as well. Who woulda thunk it -- the House joining forces with slow growth advocates and environmentalists against the Senate and "tax everyone but me" business interests. Very interesting...though limited and probably temporary.

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