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Wednesday, March 29, 2006 :::

Movement in the Senate

Just over the wire:

The Senate on Wednesday amended its transportation package, eliminating a tax on home sales and reducing its proposed tax on gasoline in a package that drastically reduces its $1 billion annual price tag.

The revision, approved by the Senate Finance Committee, allows for any two neighboring localities to form roadbuilding authorities that can levy taxes and fees. It eliminates a proposal to rebate gasoline taxes to motorists who save their gas purchase receipts.

The new plan — along with the Senate's proposed two-year budget to run state government through June 2008 — was amended onto the House's "caboose budget" to close out the final three months of the current fiscal year.

Finance Committee Chairman John H. Chichester said the changes were made to the caboose budget in hopes of restarting the suspended negotiations with the House of Delegates.

Under the new structure, the Senate's plan would bring in $747 million by 2010, not the $1.2 billion that its earlier proposal would have.

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