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Tuesday, March 21, 2006 :::

Mark and Me

Lord knows what email lists I'm on, but Mark Warner just sent me a kissy-face appeal to give (generously) to his Forward Together PAC.

Good God...he's talking on the site. Blue Dog was right...this is creepy.

But what is Warner's pitch?

Forward Together is a political action committee that is supporting candidates across the country. The kind of candidates that can bring the same common-sense results-driven approach to politics that has worked in Virginia.

That same approach that says we can claim that sensible center, expand our Democratic family by also including disaffected Republicans and independents - the people who are afraid of the rightward drift of the Republican party in this country.

I'll get right on that, Mark. Though without a gaggle of Republican patsies and an ally like Chichester, I can't really see how his former Excellency will be all that successful reaching out to the frightened masses.

Then again, he's not Hillary. And maybe that's all he really needs to be. Though if I recall correctly, her goal is to raise somewhere on the order of $100 million for a potential run. And that would be an enormous obstacle even for Warner to overcome.

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