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Thursday, March 02, 2006 :::

LTG Pangloss

Jim Bacon takes a hard look at Bill Bolling's views on state spending and comes away unimpressed:

To his credit, Bolling concludes his letter by saying that, with record revenues, Virginia should not be raising taxes now. "We can have the best of both worlds," he writes. "We can invest in the things that help improve our quality of life and keep taxes as low as possible. These goals are not mutually exclusive. ItÂ?s all about leadership." But it's the wimpiest case against raising taxes that I've seen in a long, long time.

Jim is not alone in his assessment. Among some conservatives, Bolling -- and increasingly, Attorney General Bob McDonnell -- isbecomingg a disappointment. I got a first-hand look at Bolling's new self back in January. I noted then some of what Jim writes today:

Bolling is "100% certain" that the state can meet its core responsibilities and provide greater resources to transportation without resorting to higher taxes. The key, he believes, is for the state to set priorities and maintain spending discipline.

Perhaps so. So where does the new money come from to fund additional transportation spending? Eventually, it's the surplus.

He talked at some length about the surplus, how it's been used and how it could be used more effectively. At no time, however, did Bolling mention refunding even a small amount of the surplus to taxpayers.

Gone native already, has he? Time will tell.

Well, time is passing. And it looks more and more like the "Hanover Hun" is becoming Romanized.

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