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Wednesday, March 01, 2006 :::

The Loup

Style Weekly has a piece about City Council President Manoli Loupassi, who will be surrendering his seat this year to move on, perhaps, to other political pastures.

The article mentions a post Chad has regarding Manoli's possible challenge to freshman Del. Katherine Waddell in 2007. In this article, Loupassi says:

[He] won’t comment on the blog report. For now, he has some personal matters to attend to, he says, such as selling his Near West End home so his growing family can move into a more suitable one. It was rumored that he was moving so he could run for Waddell’s seat. Not so. His current home is in the same 23226 ZIP code.

Not so fast. I know where Manoli is moving, and unless the district boundaries have changed magically overnight, his new residence will be in the heart of the 68th District. The ZIP code may be the same, but the HOD boundaries are very different.

This does not necessarily mean he will run against her, but even folks in the old neighborhood say that his move is "political."

Yup. Sure is.

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