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Tuesday, March 21, 2006 :::

The Lord Giveth

Henrico's county manager proposes to reduce property taxes 2 cents this year, and 2 cents next year...while still allowing the government to grow at a healthy 8 percent rate.

Thanks, Virgil. You're a prince. Why the hike in the county budget? It's a "perfect storm" of course:

...including soaring fuel prices and its bill from the state for retirement benefits. Henrico has tried to keep a lid on spending so that operating costs rise no more than 5 percent a year. But Hazelett said that simply couldn't be done this year.

There seem to be a lot of these "perfect storms" cropping up in and around county governments in recent years. I can only imagine what will happen when a super-duper perfect storm of unparalleled perfection descends upon Parham Road. Even higher sewer taxes, I suppose.

In spite of the heavy weather, the county payrolls will grow quite nicely, thank you:

As for personnel, Hazelett is proposing adding 102.5 new positions for general government and 144.9 full-time equivalent positions for schools. He also includes a 4 percent salary increase for all eligible general government and school employees.

Oh to be the nine-tenths of an employee! You're hired...but no soup for you.

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