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Wednesday, March 08, 2006 :::

It's All About Oil

An email from Tim Kaine says we need to do something about roads, and he points to Phil Shucet's op-ed (which has been posted at the Moving Virginia Forward PAC website that makes this case.

Just to see what kind of moving target the roads issue has become, Kaine pulls out this item:

If you wonder how much harm passing up this opportunity to act could cause, you need only read Phil's article - he tells us that in Northern Virginia, Richmond and Hampton Roads alone, Virginians waste 107 MILLION gallons of gas every year stuck in traffic. That's not only expensive, it irresponsibly increases our dependence on foreign oil.

So, if we do not raises taxes, we will be funneling even more millions into the pockets of Middle Eastern regimes...which makes House Republicans the willing handmaidens of kleptocrats, autocrats, and...yes...Norwegians.

Next up: how the House plan undermines families and healthcare. Oops. They've made that argument, too. Okay. Next up, how the House plan destroys education, the environment and mental health. Damn. Did that, too.

Next up: the House plan leads to the Dark Side.

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