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Sunday, March 05, 2006 :::

How Slick is Your PR?

The WaPo's Michael Shear has this about a new Kaine campaign targeting GOP legislators...

to promote more money for transportation, targeting 26 Republican lawmakers with radio ads, a direct-mail campaign and phone calls in their home districts, according to several sources familiar with the effort.

The major pieces of the campaign, a closely guarded secret in the governor's office, have been designed and assembled but not yet produced. They include scripts for radio spots and automated "robocalls" intended to get constituents to insist that their lawmakers not return home without money for new roads, bridges and trains.

The permanent campaign. Don't you just love it? But the campaign -- which Shear mysteriously categorizes along with other efforts as "PR" -- is being held back for the moment:

Four sources who are aware of the operation asked not to be identified because budget negotiations between senators and delegates have just begun. The sources said Kaine and his allies in several interest groups are holding off on starting the effort until they see how the legislative discussions proceed this week.

I wonder if the dogs of war will be released should the conferees agree on a plan that's not to the Governor's liking?

Shear also tells us that sundry members of the "business community" met with Kaine to discuss transportation, and they all agreed that newer, better, higher taxes are a must. Would they say the same thing if higher corporate rates were on the table? Hmmm.

That tactics like this may be employed is not terribly surprising. But now that the effort has been exposed, it will, or ought, to lose its punch. Except that in the case of the House, I may be giving them far more credit than is due.

Of course, should this effort get underway, it may have the opposite effect: galvanizing even the squishiest members to stick by their Caucus. Some time ago I said Kaine held many cards in this game, but hubris may yet be his undoing. Looks like my theory just might just get tested after all.

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