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Friday, March 31, 2006 :::

Group-Groping the Democrats

Via the Hotline, Luntz Maslansky Strategic Research focus-groups some Democrats to discover what they are looking for in a presidential candidate. Among the responses:

The survey offers "10 Commandments For Democrats." They include: 1. Don't "feel my pain" -- "give me something to alleviate it. 3. Dems "don't want to hear about your church" in the primary. If they "really cared," they'd be Republicans. 6. "Be a Deficit Democrat. Every time a Democratic candidate talked about ending wasteful spending and tackling the deficit, the dials spiked up, as did the approval."

This is all very sensible...though I suspect it will not sit well among some of the more "progressive" elements of the party.

There was bad news for Hillary Clinton ("Support for Hillary Clinton 'disappeared by the time the night was over, and she won virtually no new converts.'"). And there was very good news for Mark Warner:

Ex-VA Gov. Mark Warner starts "with a clean slate." His stump speech "as articulated at the National Press Club earlier this year, is about as good as it gets for Democratic primary voters. He started off with almost no support (or name ID) at both Iowa and New Hampshire sessions. But after the sessions, when all the candidates had been heard for ten minutes and all the positives and negatives of each candidate discussed by the participants, Warner had gained more ground than any other opponent. There is something real happening here."

Very interesting. Though, as with any focus group at any time, in any place, on any topic, take the results with a grain of salt.

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