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Wednesday, March 29, 2006 :::

The Cliff Notes Version

Leave it to the hardest working reporter in Virginia to be on top of all of this budget business. Garren Shipley has this very handy look at what happened today. In a nutshell:

The new bottom line for statewide taxes closely matches the House's initial number, $2.1 billion over four years in new taxes, including:

• Raising the car sales tax by .75 percent,
• A 6 cents per gallon tax on gas for fuel terminal operators,
• A 1.5 cent increase in the Diesel fuel tax,
• A $10 hike in vehicle registration fees,
• Higher fees for overweight vehicles and
• A 20 percent hike in registration fees for heavy trucks.

The car dealers and gas station owners will still be manning the barricades. What happens next? Maybe it's like a reader said -- the House has won. If so, then the Governor will not be pleased...and someone will need to get over to Rite Aid immediately buy the tax-hike friendly press some smelling salts.

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