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Wednesday, March 15, 2006 :::

Casting a Wider Net

It seems as though soon-to-be former Richmond City Council President Manoli Loupassi is considering more political options than a mere HOD race against Katherine Waddell:

He acknowledges that his name'?s been tossed about as a potential Republican nominee for lieutenant governor or attorney general in 2010. But wait four years?

It may be up to Emily Stewart, a political fund-raiser, to help determine what'?s next. She'?s worked for Loupassi in the past -- helping him raise $80,000 during his uncontested campaign for City Council last year. Now Loupassi says he'?s retained her for "my future"? in politics.

Months ago, I heard talk that Manoli was considering a run for LTG. It struck me as a longshot, at best, then, and still does today. So too, does the possibility of an Attorney General bid.

Manoli would be a formidable candidate for the 68th District seat. But statewide, he would face far stronger, more organized and better funded competition for a nomination. Of course, the same could have been said of a Tim Kaine candidacy for LTG in 2001...and look where he is today.

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