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Wednesday, March 08, 2006 :::

Before We Unleash the Armed Simians...

While the TD's Jeff Schapiro is wondering if l'affaire LeBlanc will result in some sort of bizarre Planet of the Apes shoot-out, others, like the WaPo's Michael Shear and Chris Jenkins are reporting that there may be the first inklings of compromise on the transportation horizon:

One area of possible compromise is the question of a tax on gasoline. Senators have included a 5 percent tax on wholesale gas and a complex plan that allows motorists to request refunds. Neither the House nor Kaine proposed a gas tax increase.

House Appropriations Chairman Vincent F. Callahan Jr. (R-Fairfax) said Kaine criticized the Senate's rebate plan in a call to the delegate Sunday. "He called it a Rube Goldberg idea," Callahan said, referring to the cartoonist who became famous for drawing machines that perform simple tasks in overly complicated ways. "I got the impression he did not think the gas tax is a good idea."

Callahan said he told his House colleagues of the governor's comments and was encouraged that senators might relent on that part of their plan. Kaine has not publicly criticized the Senate's rebate idea.

Maybe, just maybe, it will be the Senate that buckles this time. Of course, no one outside of the budget conferees can know for sure what sort of compromise may be reached. And I suspect whatever they are able to piece together will please no one entirely.

But under all the shouting, the wheels are still turning.

And no one (yet) has flung any poo.

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