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Wednesday, March 01, 2006 :::

Apologies and Politics

Much credit should go to Ben for breaking the story of Bill Leighty's gaffes before a town hall meeting in Northern Virginia. Now that his information has worked its way into the mainstream press, there are all kinds of fun doins' a happenin'.

But as intemperate and wrong as those remarks were, Jeff Schapiro puts them in perspective:

Some old hands remember how David McCloud, chief of staff to Gov. Chuck Robb, would keep in his desk drawer a list of lawmakers and their top bills as well as roll-call votes on measures sought by the administration. McCloud would whip out the stuff when meeting with legislators who wanted favors from the governor, but may have broken with the Big Guy on an important bill.

There is nothing new under the sun.

And I do question the Speaker taking time to make a very public fuss over this ultimately trivial matter when there are so many other items demanding his attention. I received an email which states:

Speaker Howell is telling people that he is not hearing from the grassroots on taxes and property rights.

I know politicians live in something akin to a bubble, but this is ridiculous.

Howell is doing very little, at least publicly, to prevent what could be an utterly dumbfounding move by the GA to punt on property rights protection. He's not alone in this, certainly. The Senate and the Attorney General, too, seem willing to roll over on a tough property rights bill to placate those most needy of interest groups, developers and local governments.

Here's a clue for ya, Bill: Accept the apology. And then, move heaven and earth to make sure the Joannou bill becomes law. Otherwise, you may be the one making apologies next time.

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