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Saturday, February 25, 2006 :::

Ursa Major

Taxes, transportation crises...they all pale in comparison to the story of the Maymont bears. Will, Snoopy, Janet, and others, I'm sure, have weighed-in on this story. The newspaper and TV station polls are ringing up results like never before. The TD's letter page is brimming with commentary. In the neighborhood, my wife is hearing the outrage and disbelief from that most powerful of all Richmond interest groups, The Moms. Outside of Gaston, I can't recall anything that's generated so much opinion -- almost all of it directed at the parent(s) who willingly placed their child in harm's way.

Now, the mayor wants an investigation -- one that includes looking into whether the parent(s) were negligent.

That seems rather obvious: he/she/they were. If their names are ever released, as may eventually happen, they may wish to consider relocating...because The Moms will make their lives a living hell.

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