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Saturday, February 25, 2006 :::

Carrying the Governor's Water

The TD's Jeff Schapiro slavishly repeats the polling data assembled on behalf of the Governor's PAC which finds that Virginians don't mind higher taxes, don't believe a surplus exists and hope that a special session will take place to solve everything.

What this unctuous Bartleby does not mention, but the WaPo's Michael Shear does, is that a Rasmussen poll...

...conducted earlier this month found that only about a fourth support higher taxes to pay for traffic problems. Fifty-eight percent of the people in that poll said they oppose higher taxes for that purpose.

That Schapiro would be unaware of the Rasmussen poll's existence is rather hard to believe. But as it fits neither his personal desire to see taxes raised, a special session called (job security, don't you know) and Republicans ripped asunder, it comes as little surprise that Schapiro devotes not a single keystroke to its mention.

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