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Monday, November 14, 2005 :::

Where to Now?

Chad has this on the future of blogging, the internet and campaigns. It's interesting and I think increasingly true. Whether campaigns like it or not, whether they pay attention to them or not, these electronic sketchpads will continue to grow. Perhaps in different forms -- more video blogging, podcasting, and who knows what else just over the horizon.

One positive development we witnessed in the Virginia election was the creation of blogs at some of the state's major daily papers. While these seem to be in a bit of flux right now (Jeff Schapiro's blog is going dark for a brief time (note to Jeff: in the next edition, create a blog roll. The WaPo did it, the TD should, too), they showed me that at least some portions of the established media are beginning to embrace the format. And who knows? They may have sufficient economic incentive to take the medium to another level.

Even while there are many positives, Will asks an important question:

Now that the gubernatorial election (if not the AG race!) is over, will all of the blogs that have sprung up continue to publish? Will there be changes in format, consolidations, or pull-outs?

No question. Even as the campaign went along, sites rose and fell at a break-neck pace. Among those still standing, changes are inevitable (I've got a few in mind).

But will also makes the very good point that there is just too much ahead of us to fold up our tents or become full-time cat bloggers. The next legislative session could see another tax hike battle...a possible leadership struggle...and so much more. And let's not forget, 2006 is an election year. So is 2007. There is always something new and different over the next hill. And I hope that with all we've learned, and built in these past few months, the coverage, commentary, sniping and bad puns continue to fly.

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