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Friday, November 18, 2005 :::

What's the Matter with Fairfax Democrats?

Plenty, according to this item from NLS. He points to a blog posting from Alice Marshall (whom NLS says is the "...only paid...person to work full time for the committee.")which opens with a nice threat to Sen. John Warner:

If you persuade Bush, Cheney and their entire cabinet to resign, we will not turn you over to the International War Crimes Tribunal. As chair of the Armed Forces Committee you are complicit in both waging a war based on lies and failing to stop torture.

That's...a novel interpretation of events.

It's perfectly fine for people to sling hash like this on their own time. But I do wonder if Ms. Marshall's employers on the FCDC share her penchant for colorful threats and interesting interpretations of what constitutes a war crime.

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