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Thursday, November 03, 2005 :::

VCAP Stirs

Or maybe it's just a nervous twitch. In the email pile this morning comes a GOTV missive from Robin DeJarnette that sounds some rather unusual themes:

I know that many of you are perhaps disheartended by the tone and performance of this year's campaigns. It seems that mud-slinging has been substituted for meaningful content. Many of us are stunned by the recent political commercials rather than persuaded.

So given all the negativity surrounding the campaigns, how do we find our WILL to 1) vote, 2) help, and 3) make a difference? Well, we MUST wade through all the rhetoric and verbal fog to discover the reality of each candidate. We MUST look at the bottom line.

As I written many times in this space, there are some conservatives who are more than willing to sit this one out (more on that later). Perhaps VCAP is deciding to finally get off the fence and get busy, instead of going fishing.

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