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Wednesday, November 09, 2005 :::

Shaun's Winners and Loser

A very interesting list from Shaun Kenney on who won, who lost and who broke even in the election. A list that's sure to set some sensitive readers' teeth on edge. But it looks largely correct to me.

Though for VCAP, I'd say they were losers. They had resources to expend in the last days, but did almost nothing (at least nothing I'm aware of...except asking for more money). And to my understanding, Jerry Parker was AWOL, and remains so, through the heart of the campaign season. He may have good reasons, personally, for being absent. But his organization does not.

And I fully expect a blood-letting at RPV headquarters -- particularly for the great genius who decided to sue the insurance company for nonpayment during the height of the campaign over the eavsdropping "scandal." With friends like those, Jerry didn't need any enemies.

Ken Hutcheson, too, is a loser. The flat-earth right never trusted him because of his associations with assorted Senate tax-hikers. He won those campaigns. Now with Kilgore, he's lost a big one, giving his critics an even bigger stick to wield against him. Unfair? Probably. But it will happen anyway.

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