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Tuesday, November 15, 2005 :::

The Politics of Failure Have Failed

Old Zach at SST takes a look at some of the suggestions for how the GOP can right (so to speak) the ship and regain momentum in the years ahead.

O.Z. also points to this WaPo article from yesterday, where the failures of the anti-tax candidates are gleefully laid out for all to see.

Were there failures? Of course. Were there successes, too? Yes. However, I would suggest that in the future, Chris Jenkins stop relying upon Jim Parmalee and Grover Norquist for comments and background. Here's a clue for ya' Chris: neither one of them has boots on the ground in Virginia -- Grover in particular. There are those of us who believe Grover is about as useful as (to quote my dear old Dad once again) tits on a bull. If all one did was pay attention to Grover's bombast, one could very easily get the impression that anti-tax conservatives are nothing more than an ululating rabble.

His baseless brashness aside, there was one important nugget within the piece that bears repeating, from Scott Lingamfelter:

"I don't want to slam any individual candidate, but we in the conservative movement have to look at how we recruit people. Right now, I'm not sure we're hitting on all cylinders..."

I've been making that same point for more than two years (with no results). Recruiting good people is very, very hard to do. Many sensible folks look at the rigors and pitfalls of running for office and say "no thanks." It's a shame, but it's also true.

Until the recruitment nut is cracked, conservatives will have a tough slog ahead of them.

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