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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 :::

Phil v. Ken

In the NV Daily, Garren Shipley recounts the point-counterpoint between Phil Rodokanakis and Ken Hutcheson.

Reached for comment, Hutcheson confirmed that he did pen the missive, but was "speaking for me and for me only," he said. "Though I am sure there are multitudes of people who share my opinions."

Back at the Club for Growth, the response -- other than forwarding Hutcheson's initial message to the media -- was one paragraph from Chairman Paul Jost.

"This type of work product by Jerry Kilgore's campaign manager may explain why Jerry Kilgore came in 6th last week," he wrote. "Even [Democratic lieutenant governor hopeful] Leslie Byrne did better than Jerry Kilgore."

Paul Jost's fixation on Ken Hutcheson aside (it's personal), there are wise words from elsewhere in the ranks. Ken Stroupe notes:

"It's a party that's not by any means on the ropes," he said. If attorney general candidate Bob McDonnell's win holds up after a recount, "they've actually picked up a statewide office."

Exactly. It's not all roses for the VAGOP...there are serious problems that must be addressed. But before we all high ourselves to a nunnery, let's keep in mind that out of defeat comes opportunity...if we are willing to grab it.

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