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Tuesday, November 01, 2005 :::

The Other Kenney Responds

Below, we see how Jason Kenney thinks the gubernatorial race will pan out. Now, Shaun (The Elder) Kenney responds:

...I'm going to explain why Kilgore is going to win in four short little letters.


Kilgore has it, Kaine doesn't. We have a better program under one banner. Kaine has and a host of other 527 mercenaries. That's why the Democratic senators wanted to see Kaine by five, because they know it just as well as we do.

Shaun goes on to explain, as I have tried to, as well, that the outcome for Kilgore depends largely on whether conservatives show up at the polls. I think they should, and for the same reasons Shaun describes. Sitting at home (or going fishing) and nursing grudges guarantees a Kaine win. And should that happen, it will prove that some conservatives are more comfortable musing on principle than they are in direct action -- a startling break with their past, and a total abdication of their future.

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