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Thursday, November 03, 2005 :::

The Other Candidate's Future

Northern Virginia Daily's Garren Shipley has this piece which looks into the future of soon-to-be defeated gubernatorial candidate Russ Potts. The Other Candidate is under the impression that all will go swimmingly once he concludes his statewide vanity-jag:

“I will remain a Republican and state Senator and I will continue to do what is best for the citizens of the commonwealth of Virginia...”

He ceased being a Republican some time ago. Regrettably, his Senate term does not expire until 2007. The real question is whether he will continue to hold a position of influence within the Senate:

Will 2006 bring a repeat attempt to oust Potts?

“I think that sort of remains to be seen,” Cuccinelli said. “I’m going to talk to my compatriots.”

Regardless of his party affiliation, Potts isn’t going anywhere. He has said repeatedly that he’s not about to resign his post.
But whether he can get anything done remains up in the air.

“If you’re talking about influence, his influence is going to be very limited,” Sabato said.

He will cling like a barnacle to his chairmanship. It's up to his fellow club members to decide if he's scraped off. I'd say the odds are fairly good he will retain his position. But I would love to be wrong.

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