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Thursday, November 10, 2005 :::

Once More Among the Purists

While Will Vehrs was attending what seems like a fascinating discussion with the Kaine and Kilgore campaign managers, I was over at the Bull & Bear Club for the Tuesday Morning Group Meeting (on a Thursday...rescheduled for the elections). The contrast between the two events could not be more stark.

While Will and the attendees of the Prof.'s luncheon were getting some inside scoop, I was listening to folks who pondered events from the outside. Did conservatives go fishing, and cost Kilgore the election (the general opinion seems to have been yes). What is the GOP plan heading into the next session of the legislature (the general opinion seems to be there is no least in the House). And there were questions, plus a great deal of concern, that in the next session, there will not be sufficient means or will to prevent a new round of tax hikes to build more roads (with particular emphasis on a that hoped-for third crossing in Hampton Roads...but I'll have more on that, I hope, later).

In many ways, I share those concerns. As I've said more times than I care to recall, the next tax battle's groundwork was firmly laid before the dust settled after the 2004 debacle.

But I was also deeply frustrated with some of the remarks I was hearing. Where is the messaging? How can we shape opinion if the press is already firmly on the other side? I felt like I was in a time warp. Instead of relying on the media to pick up the message, why not create their own? Why not blogs, for goodness sake?

So at next month's meeting, I, along with Rick Sincere and another guest to be determined, will be preaching the gospel of blogging to grassroots activists who have yet to embrace the possibilities of these electronic contraptions some of us take for granted. I don't know if our talk will strike any chords, let alone muster any sort of organized, linked, informed, alternative messaging system. But I have my hopes.

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