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The Roanoke Times, like its dull-witted cousin the Daily Press, still carries a torch for Russ Potts. He appeals to their glands, to be sure. But he also serves, even at this late date, as a useful club with which the RT can brain the oceans of narrow, greedy, ignorant Virginians who refused to rally to ol' Russ' banner.

Hopefully, they've managed to whack themselves a few times, too. In spite of the depth of feeling and agreement they have for Potts, the RT, like the DP, did not endorse the man. They plumped for Kaine, and provided us an invaluable lesson:

Their editorial boards are packed with craven clock-punchers. Under normal circumstances, a conflict like this might trouble people, perhaps even cause them to question their beliefs and actions. But that requires a degree of self-reflection, and a smidgen of courage. The Roanoke Times has neither.

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