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Thursday, November 10, 2005 :::

Jeffersonian Conservatives Unite!

Shaun Kenney delivers another thought-provoking post on the course ahead.

If a new Republican Party emerges in Virginia that is so strong on the tax principle, that demands and encourages entrepreneurship in the face of big government, that seeks a minimalist government that seeks to defend the Jeffersonian principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, that ultimately could become the answer to neo-conservativism, if that kind of ideology that borrows from the classical liberal tradition emerges, the whole world changes.

If you look at Tuesday's results, I see an electorate ripe for a new way. Jeffersonian Conservatism, with Senator Allen as it's prime advocate, is the golden key to a GOP in search of itself.

While there are those who will quibble with Allen as the standard-bearer for this idea, I think on the whole, it is a concept some of us could readily embrace.

Interesting that Shaun's ideas stand in such stark contrast to the Douthat/Salam road map in the Weekly Standard (in essence -- the GOP needs to embrace the state, and leave those nasty, sharp-edged ideas on the shelf).

And the Jaded JD seems to agree. And yes, he was ahead of the curve. I still await his call for a re-formed Sons of Liberty, however. Maybe he's working on the secret handshake.

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