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Tuesday, November 01, 2005 :::

If You're Going to Lie, Do So Boldly

In a campaign swing yesterday, Tim Kaine was asked about using footage from the Fairfax debate with Kilgore in campaign ads. His response is illuminating:

...Kaine said he will not use footage from a Fairfax debate. Both campaigns signed agreements barring use of the debate footage in television commercials, but two Republicans said last week that they had been part of a Kaine focus group exploring using the footage.

"Having signed the agreements, I'm going to live by them. And I've never planned otherwise and was never going to do otherwise," Kaine said. "It's been interesting to smoke [Kilgore] out a little bit and have him show to the public how afraid he is that we would use footage from a public debate and show Virginians his unwillingness to answer hard questions."

Lying boldly. The Kaine campaign ran right up to the line on this matter, conducting focus groups with ads in the can to see if they could get away with breaking a signed agreement. To say that he "never planned otherwise and was never going to do otherwise" is a lie. And a bold one.

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