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Sunday, November 06, 2005 :::

Gordon Morse and Crackers

Will Vehrs points me to this bit of invective from occassional WaPo columnist and full-time Frank Rich wannabe Gordon Morse. In it, we discover many of the demons that once riddled the columns of Richmond's own Jeff Schapiro have fled north and found a new, willing host in Morse.

He is an angry man. A bitter man. And he's used this last column before the election to release his ample bile in the direction of Jerry Kilgore.

The language is colorful, though the rhetoric be generous...stale. Until we get to the end, and alight on the same passge that caught Will's eye:

Come Tuesday night, should Kilgore find himself still standing, he'll likely think that the cracker campaign tactics he employed soon will be forgiven. He shouldn't count on it. Right about then Virginians may begin asking, "What kinda man are you?"

"Cracker campaign tactics." The warmth just flows from Morse, as in a few short words he manages to cast nearly everyone who agrees with a portion of Kilgore's platform as a narrow-minded bigot.

Invective has its place. Invective has its uses. But I would have thought ham-handed slurs wouldn't find their way into the pages of the Washington Post.

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